Take A Seat With Tiger: What’s Up, I’m Tiger.

What’s up? My name is Tiger Rodman. I don’t know much about anything but a little bit of everything which is why I created tigerrodman.com. The site is designed to be a place to discuss whatever is on my mind, with a strong focus on sports and entertainment. Some days there will be no sports or entertainment, as I live a pretty demanding life, still living at my parents house and all. (No I do not live in the basement, that is where my grandma lives. Yes I have a day job.) Just like most of us I’m still figuring it out. Deal with it.

Who is Tiger Rodman? Tiger is a man within the mind of the man writing these words. He is the voice of reason. Not always the right reason either, but none the less he always has an opinion. Tiger likes to think he is important without ever actually accomplishing anything significant that would lead him to be well known. He kinda sucks but is kinda cool at the same time, but realizes it’s time to break out of his shell and share his thoughts with the world. Or at least the .0000000000000001 percent of the world who happen to stumble upon this perilous platform.

Tiger is a fan of all sports who enjoys a good old fashioned game when he sees one. Therefore he will write about just about anything he finds enjoyable. As for movies there will never be talk of a horror film because Tiger goes into a deep depression after watching them. PTSD from watching scary movies may seem extreme, but having to open my eyes multiple times before actually falling asleep every night thinking the kid from the grudge is watching me is a legit fear that’s been occurring 365 for as long as I can remember. So yeah, lets not talk about it. Anyways…

There are a lot more layers to the mind of Tiger Rodman, but they’ll peel themselves back as time goes on. Welcome to tigerrodman.com! It truly is a strange place.

See ya when I see ya,


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