TR’s Top 5: NFL Offensive Plays

There have been countless plays throughout sports that have had us on the edge of our seats. Countless moments where we could not believe our eyes. Every sport has these moments, but the NFL is a place where we’re constantly saying, “What the?” This is why I’d like to share some significant plays. Here are Tiger Rodman’s top 5 NFL offensive plays.

5. The Catch – Odell Beckham Jr.

On November 23, 2014 insanity happened. What may go down as the single greatest catch in a regular season game, a young OBJ stunned the world at MetLife Stadium. Despite pass interference from Dallas cornerback Brandon Carr, OBJ was able to extend himself and make an immaculate finger-tip catch while falling back into the end zone.

Despite OBJ’s efforts, the New York Giants would go on to lose this game to the Dallas Cowboys. Pretty symbolic if you ask me. Such a great talent wasted on a troubled franchise filled with holes. Tisk tisk. We’ll see if Cleveland is the place where OBJ can catch some Ws. Hopefully the future holds even more moments like this.

4. The Philly Special – Nick Foles & Company

Super Bowl LII was jam packed with excitement. One play in particular came on a fourth and goal from the Philadelphia Eagles with 38 seconds to go before the half.

Simply unbelievable. A play like this decides the game, and so many coaches do not have the confidence to trust their quarterback with a decision as big as this, in a game as big as this. Especially from a backup! Well good ol’ Dougy sure was happy he did in this moment. The Philadelphia Eagles would go on to defeat the New England Patriots by a score of 41-33 in true underdog fashion.

3. Immaculate Reception – Franco Harris

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. This famous game-winning play occurred in the AFC Divisional Game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders all the way back in 1972. Oldie but a goodie. In the final seconds of the game Terry Bradshaw scrambles out of trouble, making a last ditch effort to sling the ball to John Furqua. Furqua however, would not end up with the ball. Instead it would end up bouncing off Raider’s safety Jack Tatum and into the hands of rookie FULLBACK Franco Harris. You hear that NFL? We want more fullback!

2. Beast Mode – Marshawn Lynch

DARREN (Scumbag) SHARPER HOLD MY D*CK! What a run. What. A. Run. It’s crazy to think the Seattle Seahawks were 7-9 heading into this playoff game against the 11-5 New Orleans Saints. Not to mention the Saints were also the defending Super Bowl Champions. But none of that matters when you have an absolute beast of a running back who can take on an entire team. HE PUT THE TEAM ON HIS BACK! GET OFF ME TRACY PORTER! The cherry on top of the whole run. Nothing short of spectacular. Marshawn never ceased to amaze on and off the field.

1. The Helmet Catch – David Tyree

The greatest catch in Super Bowl History. What a lot of people forget about this play is how Eli Manning escapes an almost certain sack, and is even able to get the ball out of his hands. Grabbed by multiple Patriots, Manning pulled a Houdini and launched the ball to David Tyree. But the magic didn’t run out there. Whether it be stickum, a piece of gum, or some type of magnetic force, there is one thing all fans can agree on. That ball should not have stayed where it did. Pinned against the helmet of Tyree with safety Rodney Harrison all over the play, the ball did not move.

The significance of this play was that Manning and Tyree turned what would have been fourth down into a new set of downs. Moments later, with 39 seconds left in Super Bowl XLII, Plaxico Burress would catch the game winning touchdown. The near perfect New England Patriots fell just short of, what would have been at the time, their fourth Super Bowl win. 18-0 except for 1 GIANT loss!

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