What Celebrity Would You Trade Places With?

A question as old as time itself. Everyone has that favorite celebrity they fantasize over, and many times even wonder what it would be like to be them. We see the glitz, the glam, the glory, and think, “Larry that could have been me.”

What if you could trade places? Who would you pick? I have thought about this question time and time again. Many have passed through my mind, but there is one that always seems to stay.

Image result for zac efron

That’s right, Zac Efron. Even since the Troy Bolton days this man has been stealing millions of girls hearts with his good looks and charm. Zac can sing, he can dance, and most importantly he can act. A triple threat. A Disney star that actually goes on to a bigger and better career are few and far between. But this man cannot be stopped! High School Musical, 17 Again, Neighbors, That Awkward Moment, and Dirty Grandpa are just of few of the films I have loved Zac in. There are still some I have yet to get to, but don’t worry, I plan on it.

What would I do to be Zac Efron you ask? I’d give my left nut. But really I would be willing to skip the rest of my twenties and shrink a couple inches. The man is listed as 5 foot 8 on the internet, but when you have a body like that, you can be listed under 5 and still get results.

Image result for zac efron

The best part about Zac is his attitude. From what I have heard, and what I can tell, Zac is very modest and thankful to be where he is. Now there could possibly be examples where this is not the case, but I personally have not heard them, and believe what I have heard to be legit. So what do you give the man who has it all. How about the chance to trade places with a totally regular guy, who is an aspiring writer. Feel free to comment if interested Zac.

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