Talk about complete polar opposites, but I find a lot of my TV watching hours debating which channel to watch. On HGTV we got Property Brothers, Love It Or List It, Fixer Upper, and many more. ESPN has many staple programs, including Sports Center, as well as live featured sports games. So really it’s kind of a dumb question from the start because there is no correlation between the two (as stated earlier), but I guess I’d like to know which one I spend more time watching.

Honestly I think it’s HGTV, and I came to that conclusion halfway through writing this. Reason being; there are so many different sports outlets nowadays, that not all my time is spent watching ESPN. I’m also a big doctor guy. Always seem to have a reason to be at multiple doctor’s offices, and let me tell you, if HGTV is not on in the waiting room then someone must have died.

Both stations are great and deserve the public eye, but there is something about realty/fixing up homes that really gets me going.

Image result for hgtv
Chip and Joanna Gainnes from Fixer Upper
Image result for hgtv

Image result for Scott van pelt espn
Scott Van Pelt on Sports Center
Image result for espn logo

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