Sea Isle Shenanigans: A Tiger Rodman Experience (Bonus: London Series Plus U.S. Women’s World Cup Game)

This past weekend I had the pleasure to hit up the Jersey Shore and absolutely smash three beautiful sun soaked days with the boys. The long weekend was a time to relax, rejoice, but most importantly, rip up the town. Despite the whole squad striking out (countless of times), I’d say we played a solid game. A bunt single here, hit and run there. It’s not our fault our bats kept cracking as the liquor flowed throughout the night. Plus there was a lot of tequila, so wouldn’t a golden sombrero be a good thing? Anyways, it’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

They say to never fall in love at the Jersey Shore, but what do they know? The sights, the sounds. From beautiful beach houses to the beaches themselves. The nightlife, the Jitney, THE WAWA!

Image result for wawa

What an alive place come summer. To say I fell in love would be an understatement. Sea Isle City will forever be a crazy vibe within itself. To add to the hype I was able to watch some SPORTS during some down time. Let me tell you; the party was rockin across the Atlantic as well.

50 total runs in the London Series… nope that’s not a typo. The New York Yankees took the two game series with winning scores of 17-13 (Saturday) and 12-8 (Sunday) over the Boston Red Sox. Banana Land. If you took the under on either of these games you must have kept far, far away from that water cooler this morning. I for one wouldn’t blame you.

Image result for london series yankees red sox
Image result for london series yankees red sox

As for the ladies; the United States women’s national soccer team took a 2-1 win over France in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. A toute a l’huere France! You’re welcome to watch us dominate the rest of the way. Not like there’s much travel required for them!

Forward Megan Rapinoe proved to be the deciding factor, scoring both goals for the U.S. Hopefully she’ll keep the momentum going and score a couple more tomorrow. The girls will be taking on England in the semifinals at 3:00 PM (Eastern time). Two more ladies, let’s go!

Image result for megan rapinoe

After all the events that went down, Jersey has become a mood. What used to be only known as a smelly armpit has blossomed into a Malibu Bay Breeze. Just a total 180. Well at least the shore, because I get that most of Jersey still smells. I did drive through most of it, and no car freshener can mask that. Although it’s not all peaches and cream it appears there are some fertile lands. Till next time Sea Isle!



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