NY or LA?

East coast vs. west coast. Bad Boy Records vs. Death Row Records. Yankees vs. Dodgers. Broadway vs. Hollywood. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. California girls we’re undeniable.

Image result for NY vs. LA

This picture pretty much sums up which side you’re on. Do you like bright lights and the feeling of being able to take on the world? Or are beach vibes and sunshine more your thing? Are you into all the seasons, or an average yearly high of 75 degrees. Are you into sports!? Because both have that… oh and plenty of entertainment too.

New York and Los Angeles are the two main cities in America, and both have unique features that make them great. There have been countless discussions over which city is better, but let me tell you. They’re way to different to decide. Sure they have their similarities. Traffic. Maybe the worst in the world from one end of the U.S. to the other. I once tried to go to a Dodgers game that was three miles away and ended up getting there two hours later in the middle of the fourth. Love Dodger Stadium by the way, but what a horrible commute. A couple years ago I drove into New York and just got back last week. That’s why I usually take the train. Too bad they don’t have those in LA.

Which one is better. I don’t know, but at the moment I’d rather be in LA. Give me the beach and some good rays, and I’ll give you a happy man.

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